In Rome, the gladiators' struggle was very successful, it was a very attractive activity for the general public. Combatants faced each other in the arena and the fight ended only when one of them died, was unarmed or unable to fight. There was a person in charge of presiding over the struggle that determined whether or not the defeated should die, and the people greatly influenced that decision. Usually the popular manifestation was expressed pointing the hand closed with the thumb down, which meant that the people wanted the death of the defeated one. However, death was not always desired, and the opposite position of the gauge or the closed hand raised from the air indicated that the defeated could live. But don’t worry, in pop slots there is no violence, just cash.

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For many centuries, the Gladiator fought each other or against ferocious animals to entertain the Romans. A special arena was built for this type of spectacle, the Colosseum, which today has one of the main tourist attractions in Italy. You do not even need to get there to enjoy gladiator, a wonderful game that represents the best that a sort of a pompeii slots can offer.

The fighters were prisoners of war, slaves and perpetrators of serious crimes. And to satisfy the fetish of some emperors, women and dwarves also fought. They had training in specialized schools to fight in the arena, received special treatment in the interval of the fights and did not fight more than three times of the year. That is, being a Gladiator was better than being a common slave and still opening the opportunity for public recognition. When they traveled to fight in other cities, they traveled in groups known as families and were accompanied by the coach. Generally, they were vegetarians. Nowadays you can enjoy the best from that time without traveling or seeing violence. You can play a battle for cash with Mega Jackpot´s pop slots.

A little bit of history, a lot of cash

The Gladiators were separated by categories, to preclude the disadvantage, that were: Thracians, murmillos, retiarios, sectores and dimachaeri. Skeleton studies of these fighters showed that the defeated who were tried by the audience used to be killed by a blow to the jugular. When the fighter was very weak, they were on all fours and received a blow to the back that came directly to the heart. At Mega Jackpot you will only get blows of luck! Play our amazing pop slots and get real cash fast.




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