The Tipsy Tourist

The Tipsy Tourist

Knowing new cultures is a bonus of every trip. But to make everything perfect you have to be very careful not to offend any costume or act disrespectfully in temples, historic places or even in front of people who live quite differently from you. When you are online you do not have to worry much about that as Mega Jackpot is very happy to welcome you here on our Tipsy Tourist game page! Whether you are a real tourist when it comes to online casino games or not we are more than ready to help you have a wonderful time.

Check some other tips that will help you be a wonderful tourist whether you are a real tourist during vacation or playing our amazing casino game Tipsy Tourist.

1 - Always smile! Gentleness is fundamental to relate to anywhere on the planet. Also show interest in the place and the people. You will definitely fall in love with the characters from Tipsy Tourist.

2- Observe local customs. Details such as how to greet people and interact are great ways to show respect. Also enjoy our free chips to enjoy how the game goes without the need to add a single dollar in the whole process. We are happy to have you play our games for free anywhere and anytime you would prefer.

3 - Adapt to customs and avoid imposing opinions. This is valid when experiencing regional cuisine or visiting the sights. Why not enjoying sights while you earn cash online without the need to spend money on tickets or hotels? You will never have to worry about spending cash with that sort of thing ever again  thanks to Mega Jackpot and its wonderful games and exclusive offers.

4 - Respect the rules of dress of each place. If you go to a temple or church, for example, wear clothing appropriate to the local religion. Playing at Mega Jackpot online you can even play while wearing your top favorite pajamas.

5 - Schedules must be respected. If the trip is done in a group, do not delay your companions or the tourism team, as this will spoil everyone's trip. When you play online you can play anytime you prefer and anywhere you are!

6 - Always check that there are rules for photographing the location you are visiting. Museums and art galleries, for example, usually have flash restriction standards. Here you will not have to worry about that.

7 - Avoid self-exaggeration. Make sure the situation is appropriate and is not bothering anyone around you. When you play online you will have the whole machine to yourself, no need to wait in the huge lines of casinos or anything else.


8 - Try the local cuisine, the taste may surprise you! If you did not like the dishes, avoid pejorative comments. You will be able to observe the amazing prizes and bonuses you will get when playing Tipsy Tourist or pretty much any other game provided by Mega Jackpot. Better than free sims, The Tipsy Tourist ! Join now!

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