Super Joker

Super Joker

The Joker originates from the quimbundo term kuringa, which means "to kill." Even though this is such a common figure among video games and other comics and movies, the joker has a whole special meaning when it comes to casino games and Super Joker is right here to show you how. This wonderful game is a great example of how fun playing with Jokers can be. In fact a Joker means much more than certain old meanings in fact when it comes to gaming it means money, prizes, bonuses, everything casino players from Mega Jackpot look for on a daily basis.

Like the clown, it is considered the symbol of paradoxes, of all or nothing, of joy or sadness, of wisdom or ignorance, of complementary opposites. Moreover, by extension of this concept, in many activities are called "wild" things or neutral people, who can assume the position or value of others. In computer language, for example, the joker is that which means any character.

Representation of the Joker

Usually we find the Joker in the figure of a stylized clown dressed in the court jester who, above all, distracts the king without leaving his intelligence aside. Hence the enigma of his representation, since the Joker is playful, cheerful and amusing, yet his mischievous and clever message is implied and subtended behind his allegory as a fool, but this is not the fix meaning to the image.

In the universe of games the Joker, in English, represents one of the cards of the deck without numerical indication and, therefore, can indicate the zero or any card, that one can substitute any other one of the deck, being characterized, therefore, by its neutrality. It is important to keep in mind that we see this figure in all sorts of places and sometimes it can have a bad meaning. However when you are at Mega Jackpot playing highly profitable games such as Super Joker the meaning is always the best possible.

Are you ready to get many jokers on your side?

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