Slots Angels

Slots Angels

Many people do not understand the relationship between rock and motorcycling, but their connection is like the best casino games and Mega Jackpot, among many other relationships. Moto does not mix with any other style other than rock and roll plus some amazing casino games and prizes. Seeking to understand this better Mega Jackpot hopes you enjoy and understand, definitely, that motorcycling is connected to ROCK and prizes altogether.

Seeing this perfect combination between rock, bikes and 99 slots,  casino games such as Slots Angels were created to please bike and rock fans at the same time. Even if you are not a big fan of both things the game will definitely be highly entertaining as it is full of prizes and cool bonuses.

Motorcycles are the bomb

Strength, Freedom, Rebellion, Expression of a state of mind ... Motorbikes and music, especially rock bands, have met more than once throughout history.

Rock and motorcycle paths have crossed many times over history and will certainly continue to cross in the future. Because, seen things well, there are many points in common between the roar of a motorcycle at all gas and the sound of an electric guitar. Both are two tools of communication and two escape routes to the current suffocating society.

Themes that have been reflected very well throughout the history of innumerable songs and in numerous sequences. There are still many young people who have stuck behind the door or in the closet the poster of a young Elvis Presley in a Harley. It was in 1956 and the king of rock appeared on a KH, about which he praised the best compliments. To Elvis's good fortune, there were not many serious motorcycle accidents, which can no longer be said of other great artists.

Why Bikes, Rock and Casinos mix?

There are a thousand and one cases that explain these setbacks. The ambition of youth, irresponsibility and wanting to rush have been behind all this. The older ones still remember the rumor that ran in 1966 about Bob Dylan's death. The truth is that Dylan suffered a serious accident with his Triumph 500 when, in full throttle, the rear wheel blocked. The injuries were such that they changed Dylan's voice forever.

Very serious was also the accident that Gene Vincent suffered in 1955, and that almost cost him the amputation of a leg; Or that of Billy Idol, who was saved by a miracle (if we may call him so) but who became lame; Or what Billy Joel suffered in 1982 that almost deprived music lovers of a great pianist.

Newspapers and magazines are full of references to the relationship between music and rock. In fact, they are like two parallel worlds doomed to understand each other. In turn the cinema has treated this dependency with greater or less assiduity throughout its history.

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