Safari Sam

Safari Sam

Safari is hunting expedition of ferocious and large animals in Africa. Not content with this old-fashioned notion it is much more than that though as it consists of a trip to observe, to photograph, sometimes to hunt, wild animals in their natural habitat. Now it makes more sense, after all in Swahili (official language of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) means journey and such language has Arabic origin, where the word safari comes from sáfara (to travel). At Mega Jackpot you will have the opportunity to travel through the nicest adventures and enjoy to have real life money prizes!

That is, the theme has everything to do with this site and with Mega Jackpot, a casino lover. It is even funny to see how the roles are reversed during a safari. We are the prisoners in cars, or in our fears, while the animals circulate freely in their natural habitat. At Mega Jackpot you will be able to enjoy the most amazing animals, stories, characters and prizes from the comfort of your house, no need to worry about the king of the forest or huge predators.

Enjoy Mega Jackpot´s Safari Sam

The most intense experience is on the African continent, origin of the most famous wildlife in the world. But it can be done anywhere where nature remains preserved and in balance. And this is the key to safety because animals have their food chain and will not attack humans unless they are hungry or threatened. In this way, where there is plenty of water and food, they are the best places to do safari. Well, online, at Mega Jackpot you will not have to worry about it as you will be entertained with all the cash prizes we have to offer you. You can play Safari Sam straight from your computer or smartphone anywhere and anytime!

The choice, however, depends on how much time you have available, how much you want to spend and how much you value to play online – do not worry, we have free chips for you to enjoy! There are options for independent backpackers, excursions and for those seeking the wild end to comfortable luxury. For us at Mega Jackpot what matters is that you have as much fun as possible with this wonderful casino game.

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At Mega Jackpot you will always be able to enjoy the best of the casino world counting with this enticing title. Safari Sam is very exciting and offers free chips for players who are not ready to use money to play. You will definitely have plenty of fun playing this cool game that will impress even the most exigent players from all over the world. Enjoy all the cool extras and bonuses that only the best casino online would be able to offer. Play Safari Sam and keep enjoying everything that Mega Jackpot has to offer to our estimated players. The more you play the more chances you have to win This game is not one of the manhattan slots but a safari one!

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