Red Dog

Red Dog

Red dog is a modern and very exciting casino game. It is known as a variant of online poker games, but its features are quite different. The basic concept is that the Dealer will deal two cards, if the value of the third card is between the value of the other two, the player wins his bet. For example, if you have a 3 card and a J card and the third card is a 7 the bettor wins, if the third card is an Ace the player loses.

It is a very dynamic and fun board game. Undoubtedly it is the most fun option for those players who are tired of playing in traditional table games like baccarat or the same online poker.

The basic steps to play Red Dog at Mega Jackpot

The game has five basic steps: the player makes his bet, the Dealer deals two cards, in a third moment the player will have the option to raise his bet or to keep the first bet, after which the third card is placed. The last step is to check if the last card is between the values ​​of the first two cards.

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Red Dog Poker is a unique variant of poker. It was created around the concept of spread - the "distance" of values ​​between two cards. Jack is worth 11, Lady 12, King 13 and Ace 14. The spread is the distance between two cards, that is, the number of cards between them. For example, the distance between a 7 and a 9 is 1 and the distance between a 8 and a King is 4.

Play Red Dog the best way at Mega Jackpot

Playing Red Dog Poker involves placing a bet before the game starts. The amounts to which they apply vary from game to game and are often explicit at the Red Dog poker table itself. The game is simple with only two cards to draw. The game is measured by the distance between these two cards. Therefore, if you take two consecutive cards (such as 7 and 8) you will push and your bet will be returned to you.

In case the first two cards are the same, a third card is drawn. If this is also equal in value, you will win 11 to 1. If the cards taken are not consecutive, you must calculate the distance between them and climb or play. Climbing is doubling your bet and playing is continuing to play. This is where the third card is played. If you fit between the other two, you win and your winnings will be calculated by the table. It loses if the card is equal to one of the first or does not fit between them.

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