The basis of card counting in blackjack is to follow the cards dealt in order to adapt your bet to the current shoe: a shoe containing many strong cards is advantageous to the player. When you know this simple fact playing Pontoon Blackjack at Mega Jackpot with free chips! We hope you have a very pleasant stay while playing at our online casino, which happens to be regarded as the very best option when it comes to reference casinos on the web.

Below we have some very useful tips for you to make the best out of every single Pontoon Blackjack match.

Principle of card counting in Blackjack

Although the odds on roulette and other casino games are fixed, the odds in blackjack vary on each hand according to the composition of the shoe: these are unplaced runs, each run influencing the composition of future runs.

"Counting cards" consists of following certain cards, or all cards, with certain methods, to obtain the ratio of weak or strong cards that have to be dealt.

If the ratio indicates that there are no more strong cards to play in the shoe, we say that the shoe is "hot." The card counter will increase your bets because statistically the cards will be in your favor: The dealer will explode more often (over 21), players will make more blackjacks and start with more important starting hands.

What is card counting after all?

Most card counting systems start counting at 0. According to the card counting system used, this count will fluctuate after each card has been assigned a value: for example +1, 0 or - 1 in the Hi Lo system. You must follow not only the cards that are distributed to you, but also the cards distributed to each player and the dealer.

When the shoe has a high percentage of thick cards (we say that the soap is "hot"), the player has more advantages:

- The croupier will surpass 21

- Players will make more blackjacks

- Players will receive more strong cards and will start with more important starting hands.

So as soon as the card count is high, the card counter bets higher sums because it has a high mathematical advantage of winning against the casino: this does not guarantee you, however, win in all rounds.


There is much more, but do not worry!

Card counting does not stop there, even if you bet more and win more, you should stay focused and continue counting and then the cards. If the card count goes down, making it neutral or negative, you should then bet less because the casino will have a greater advantage.


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