Pirate 21

Pirate 21

Although it may seem complicated, Pirate 21 has rules that are very simple to understand and easy to apply. All you need to know is to do basic math calculation and know the rules before you start to bet your real money. A blackjack game begins with each player placing their bets on the betting circle indicated on the table. At this point, the larger chips should be placed at the end of the pile, with the lowest chip at the top. After all players have completed their bets, the dealer will indicate that they have been closed and will deal the cards.

Each player at the table will receive two initial cards, which will face up, showing the value. Do not worry if other players are seeing your cards, in Blackjack you will be playing only against the dealer. The dealer will also receive two cards, one face-up and the other face-down.

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After everyone at the table receives their cards, players can choose from 4 options:

Card Players usually ask for more cards if they have a game totaling 11 or less. To indicate that you want more cards, simply tap the table in front of your game. Players may request as many cards as they wish, as long as they do not exceed the sum total of 21.

Stand (Stand): If you are satisfied with your bet, just make a gesture to the dealer to signal that you will remain with your cards. Usually the players hold the cards when they have a sum of 16 to 21.

Double down: When the player has a good hand, he / she will have the chance to double the bet, receiving only one additional card. To demonstrate to the dealer that you want to fold the bet, simply place it next to the first bet. After receiving your card, the player cannot request more cards and it will be time for the dealer to take action.

Split a split: If the player's first two cards are the same, he can split them and play two separate hands. To tell the dealer who wants to split, place the same bet amount outside the betting box, then the dealer will divide his pair and you will play both hands apart.

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To facilitate your understanding, know all the terms and meanings of the Blackjack game.

IMPORTANT TIP: Before making your choice, it is essential to evaluate the dealer's letter (which is facing up) to help you make a successful decision.

Pirate 21 purpose

Blackjack is a point system game in which all cards in the deck have a numerical value (more details on card counting below).


The 21 score is the best sum of the game - so the game is also known as Blackjack 21 - so your goal will be to get closer to the sum 21 than the dealer, without going over the bust. To better understand how to play Blackjack and become an advanced player know the best strategies of the game.

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After all bets are placed, the dealer will turn over his card and decide whether or not he wants more cards. Who has the hand with the highest value, and without exceeding the sum 21, wins the round.

If the value is exceeded, the player loses the round, unless the dealer also exceeds the sum. However, if the dealer exceeds the sum (dealer bust), the player wins the round. When the exact sum of the cards is 21, Blackjack occurs, which means that the player will automatically win over any other bet except another Single Deck Blackjack .

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If the participant defeats the dealer's hand, he will receive double the bet, as long as he has the exact sum 21 or less. Winning bets are worth 1 - 1 (one by one), unless the player wins a Backjack that earns 1.5 - 1 (one and a half to one).




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