Pai Gow

Pai Gow

Known for being the version of a mix between a 7 Card Stud and Chinese Domino, Pai Gow is a casino game that you cannot miss especially if you are looking for a gaming experience with something different than traditional casino games.  If you are interested in playing Pai Gow here at Mega Jackpot read our guide to learn a lot more than the rules of the game but go deep into Pai Gow's strategies to win and have the best results.

History of Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker t-in its origins in the Chinese domino game called Pai Gow. It arrived in the United States in 1986 but in a different format, with letters because Americans are passionate about playing cards. The game can be found in major casinos in Las Vegas, but not so easy in other casinos around the world. Today the vast majority of online casinos offer Pai Gow Poker in a variety of ways, with great graphics and easy gameplay.

Start playing Pai Gow at Mega Jackpot

Each player will receive 7 cards, with these cards it is necessary to make two games, a game with 2 cards and another game with 5 cards, the game with 5 cards must always be better than the game with 2 cards, if not make the move Is invalid. All players will play the games and place the cards in the indicated place on the table upside down, so the dealer will not see.

Soon after all the players have made the games, it is the turn of the dealer, the same will open 7 cards on the table and will do the two best games. Next you will check with all the players and compare who is the winner.

Have the best hand playing Pai Gow

To form the games is quite simple, the Pai Gow Poker hands ranking corresponds to the traditional Poker game. But as Pai Gow owns the joker, the best high hand is 5 aces, ie 4 aces plus the joker, then the sequence is the same, Royal Flush, straight flush, court, etc.

Another exception in some casinos regarding hand strength is called Whell which is the straight from ace to 5 which is better than K-Q-J-10-9, but worse than A-K-Q-J-10. In the 2-card game, the strongest hand is the ace pair, followed by the pair of kings, pair of queens, pair of jacks and so on according to the traditional poker rule.

The Joker can only be used to complete five of a kind aces, a straight line, a flush (the largest is the foul card) or a straight flush, this is not possible, it will be counted as an ace.

You can be our next winner!

In order to know who the winner is, it is very simple, you will always compare your two games with the dealer, if each one wins a game, draws the game and each receives the bet back, to win, you need to have both hands Stronger than the dealer. Something very difficult to happen, but if it happens you already know the rule is that if your game is the same as the dealer, the dealer ends up winning the bet.

After learning all these rules and being well-acquainted with them, Pai Gow Poker becomes very easy to play. Anyone who already plays the traditional poker game, or has had some experience before will have a little more ease. Are you ready to win? Join Mega Jackpot now!




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