Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker

If you are looking for an escape from the most common poker games, then Oasis Poker may be the simple type of game you are looking for. Plan your strategy, spend your time and seize your chances! You can also enjoy the user-friendly interface of the game, as well as the background music, which almost makes us feel like we are in a jazz bar and gives the game an elegant mood.

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Why play Oasis Poker at MJ ?

The player places a bet before, and then the Dealer and the player each receive a five card hand, with one of the dealer's cards displayed to the player. You should then decide to give Call to the Dealer or replace the cards in your hand. Each new card costs the player the initial ante sum, so the player must weigh that decision carefully. At any time, the player may choose to fold his hand. If you give Call, one of three things can happen:

• The Dealer does not "qualify", that is, does not have at least a combination of Aces / Kings: In this case, the player receives double the Ante bet and the called bet is pushed.

• The Dealer qualifies, but the player has the highest hand: the player receives twice the ante, in addition to the sum of bets that can be referenced in the pay table.

• The Dealer qualifies and the Dealer has the highest hand: the player loses the ante and the value of the bet.

The most exciting moments for the player are when they receive an initial hand that is one or two cards away from the greatness, because in situations like these there is room for strategy: Do you risk paying the ante amount for each card? Is the potential payment worth the cost? What if the Dealer wins even if you get a big hand?

Strategy is key to maximize your earnings

The following strategy is believed to be close to ideal and reduces the home's advantage to about 1.5%!

Switch Decision

• Change a card with the following hands:

• Four for a straight flush and royal flush, even breaking a pair.

• Four for an unparalleled flush.

• Four for an outside straight, no pair.

• Never change with two pairs or better.

• Never change more than one card if allowed.

Play post-switch

After switching (switch), the game follows identical to Caribbean poker. The correct strategy is therefore:

• Always increase with a pair or better.

• Increase with an Ace and King if the Dealer's visible card matches one of your cards (which reduces the Dealer's chance to have a pair).

• Increase with an ace and king if your hand is equal or hit AKJ83.

• If not, ask Fold.

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