European Blackjack

European Blackjack

In American blackjack, the dealer receives 2 cards. One face down and face up. The hidden card is known as 'Hole Card'. The dealer is allowed to take a peek to know what the card is. If it, together with the card being displayed, form the 21.

In European blackjack, there is no hidden card. The dealer only receives one face-up card and only wins the second card after all players' hands are completed. This makes it impossible for the dealer to check if they have a blackjack before each of the players perform their play.

Understand how European Blackjack works

Sets of decks

In European blackjack, the standard is to use 2 sets of decks while in American blackjack are usually used from 6 to 8 decks. The greater the number of decks used, the greater the house advantage and the more difficult the card count becomes.

Doubling down

Doubling down occurs on the initial request when the player believes his hand will outgrow the dealer's. In European blackjack, players can double their bets only on hands that have a value of 9, 10 or 11. But in American blackjack, participants can do this with any total. In addition, in American blackjack, players can also double the bet after dividing their hand.


The possibility of turning one hand into two is called splitting. It automatically doubles the bet and offers the possibility to win more. Essentially, it allows the player to take advantage of a croupier's weakened position.

In European blackjack, players are allowed to split a hand when they have two 10-value cards, jacks, checkers, or kings.

In American Blackjack, participants can split their cards up to 3 times, which allows them to form up to 4 hands. They can separate any pair of cards. Players can also split aces. This, however, can only be done once.

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In general, when playing American blackjack players can be more aggressive in their division tactics and double bets while in European blackjack players should be more conservative in their attempts at such moves, especially when the card presented by the dealer is an Ace or has a value of 10.

Late withdrawal


Late surrender is an option that allows the player to recognize defeat after their initial 2 cards are known. A participant who accepts this condition loses 50% of their bet instead of the total risk initially. This option is particularly valid when a player realizes that he is in a situation where victory is quite difficult.

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Understanding the slight differences between American and European blackjack can help players apply the appropriate strategies when they are in action and, of course, increase their chances of winning. Although each variation of the game has its advantages, in general, American blackjack rules are more flexible and more player-friendly, as they present better opportunities to maximize winnings.


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