21 Burn Blackjack

21 Burn Blackjack

Unlike most casino games, blackjack gives the player the ability to influence their game: it allows the player to use certain options and to vary their game just like their bets according to their criteria.

Blackjack was first played in French casinos under the name of "Vingt-et-un" in the 18th century. In France, blackjack was again authorized in 1969, having since known a certain popularity.

When blackjack (also written black jack, and black jack in French) was introduced in the United States, it was not very popular. The casinos then tried to attract the players by creating different bonuses. The name blackjack comes from a casino bonus where the player holds both the jack and the ace of spades at the same time and must make a payment of 10: 1. Since the jack of spades in English was of prime importance and the cards of spades are black, the name of blackjack was adopted, and has remained to this day, although the bonus associated with this hand has been abolished.

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Roger Baldwin published in 1956 in the journal of the American Association of Statistics an article, entitled "The optimum strategy in blackjack", which studied the rules of blackjack in a mathematical way and proposed a strategy of optimal game according to the Letter from the dealer and player cards. This basic strategy in blackjack allows to reduce the advantage of the casino to less than 1% according to the variants of the game – Mega Jackpot has all sorts of blackjack games, enjoy!

Six years later, Professor Edward O. Thorp developed a method of counting cards. The book he published, "Beat the Dealer," or "beat the croupier," immediately became a bestseller. This book led some casinos to change the rules practiced in blackjack, giving them an additional advantage, but the protests of the players and their boycott forced the casinos to return to the old rules.

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Even more sophisticated gambling strategies were introduced in the 1970s as computers became accessible enough to perform complex calculations of card counting and calculating statistics. Mathematicians, scientists, teachers, and other intellectuals have published a number of strategy and statistics books on blackjack to the point of scaring casino owners, fearing that they will see their profits diminished. Their reaction was to abandon the simple card game to a shoe containing several decks of cards. They then introduced the games to 5, 6 and eight decks of cards per blackjack game. This greatly complicates the situation for mid-level players.

History of tips to win while playing blackjack


Blackjack made the fortune of many professional card counters in 1960. These professionals were able to determine the stages of the game favorable to the players and increased considerably in those moments the bets made. Although casinos have become harder to beat over the years, they can always be beat because professional blackjack players still exist. Are you ready to beat Mega Jackpot? Join now!

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